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Your best choice for hot tub removal in and around San Antonio!

We are hot tub removal experts. We have done 100s of hot tub removals and 100s of happy hot tub removal customers. We offer fair market prices based on the cost of removal and disposal fees. To get an confirmed price please (210)515-4823 call us to setup an on site appointment to confirm a price quote, if you approve the quote we can remove it then and there.

 🔥Reason to Remove Hot Tub:
1. Broken down and no longer works properly
2. Up keep cost is too high
3. Selling the home
4. No longer use hot tub
5. No longer want hot tub
6. Redoing the backyard
7. Eye sore

💲💲Hot Tub Removal Cost:
Junk Service people of San Antonio are experts are hot tub removal this means you will not have issues and problems that come from removal of hot tub which can happen with other junk haulers. Cost for hot tub removal ranges from $250-$450 for hot tub removal disposal and haul away. The price range is based on the different types of hot tubs and costs/difficulty of removal and disposal. Price quotes must be confirmed on site and it takes 5 to 10 mins for us to confirm a price if you approve we can begin and remove your hot tub then and there.

✨Things to keep in mind when getting hot tub removal;
Make sure to empty the water this will save on the time and could save on the cost of disposal
Your hot tub will be cut up demoed and then hauled away and properly disposed Which means it will be able to get out of your property with out a lot of ground damage.

We have been junk removal services, haul off services, demolition services and tree removal/tree trimming so if you ever need our help or service people contact us. We are here for your needs.

Take the 1st step and get an on site price quote!

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