JSP Covid 19 Virus Changes

We wanted to update all our past and future customers on what we are doing to keep our workers and customers safe from the covid 19 virus. We have taken a more then a few steps daily to insure we are going by CDC guidelines and only offering you the necessary waste management demo and tree services. If you do have a need and it is necessary contact us for new safer no contact service.

While writing this we are currently trimming a tree the city says has to be cut because it is overreaching the power-line and will fall on it taking the power down for 100s of homes.

We also did junk removal for a health clinic yesterday which we do from time to time but this was a emergency because the junk was blocking the nurse entrance.

On a daily basics we are doing much needed and necessary services that protect your home apartment and business while keeping your healthy and human services safe.

we will be here to support you while staying safe if and when you need necessary services that help keep you your family and others safe and clean.

For more info about our NO CONTACT junk removal and NO CONTACT Tree Service click the links today.

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