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Furniture Haul Off Removal Disposal San Antonio

Service People of San Antonio is here for your unwanted furniture haul away donation and disposal of all unwanted furniture. We deal with recycling disposing and donating 100s of furniture items each month. Helping recycle and donate them whenever we can.

Common Furniture Removal:

File Cabinets
Tool Units

Why JSP for Furniture Removal?

-Our prices are fair and reasonable based on the cost of dispose and haul off based on your stuff and needs.
-Years in the business we work with real estate agents, home owners, business owners and people just looking to get rid of some furniture items.
-Junk Service people are accountable for your unwanted furniture disposal needs at the best rates around.
-20% lower prices then all our national competitors.
-Our staff and crew get to know all aspects of whats needed to do the job right.
-We protect your property by not damaging ground walls or door walls.

Service People Advantage
Local support that cares about taking care of your unwanted needs. We are here to help and we make it work for you. Big or small here or there we are here for your needs. Take the 1st step and give us a call or book an on site appointment today. For no contact price quote you can text us pictures.

While our national competitors have large franchise fees and more then 500% higher truck we are able to offer a lower rate because of lower over head. This allows you to get junk removed and unwanted stuff taken away at the best rates around always 20% cheaper.

Contact Us
There is lots of types of furniture and you many have lots of it so please give us a call or text us pictures for more info today we are here for your needs.

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